Hey web guys.

I have been charged with building and updating a web site for my sons cub scout pack.
I was wondering how easy Wordpress is to work with than upload to an ftp site?

If you’re going to buy a domain name / host it then use www.bluehost.com - they have one click installs for Wordpress.

If you don’t need hosting just use wordpress.com - it’s free and set up, but you don’t have total control.

The hosting we use. ipowerweb, also has one click word press. Jonny turned me on to wordpress after using frontpage for about 8 years. it’s really easy to use.

SSW is redoing our web sites with WordPress, very user friendly with tons of options depending on what you want to do.

thanks guys.
The pack has hosting through the BSA troop.
i am looking for some themes now, what does the club and dogdigger.com use?
also which calender do we use? I don’t like the first one i tried.

word press is even easy to install your self on a personal server

If you need help, let me know. I haven’t worked with word press but I can help with general design/web stuff