Hey Guys

So I realized its been about 2 years since my last post, Lifes been busy with 4 kids and constantly busy but I wanted to pop in and say great job to all and have a safe and awesome summer and try to keep at least 3 tires on the ground at all times lol. Hopefully ill be able to catch up on the forums and goings on

Best regards,
Eric C.

welcome back Eric. MAN! 4 kids… i have 1 and find it hard

Hey stranger!

Thanks for checking in. Time to wheel that Grand Cherokee you had at the 4th of July party a couple years ago?

Welcome back…can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome Back

Hopefully you be able to make this years 4th July party, I think you still remember where I live :mrgreen: BTW bring Dave too :slight_smile:

I will definitely come by and ill see if i can get dave out of the house too

great time at Joes cookout, never a disappointment and great fireworks…thanks Joe!

Danger! :sunglasses: