my sons XJ is turning into a money pit. Found out the front suspension needs alot of parts replaced. Came home and brake lines blew.
If anyone is free this weekend I could seriously use some help getting this work done. Registered it friday and was informed I had 5 days to get it inspected. Did not know that a Mass. inspection was no good in RI. So even if I do this work on Saturday I will be passed the date I am supposed to get it inspected.

[size=150]anyone have any tips for loosening stubborn rusted bleeder screws[/size]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Located in Cumberland
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First I have to ask is it too late to get out of the deal? Is it the hard lines that went? I know in MA they want it inspected ASAP but if you are not driving it or can show you have work required to make it road worthy you most likely will be OK with the inspection being a little late… Just dont drive it around without the sticker etc…

A city of where you are would help people find ya to help. :wink:

If you don’t get inspected within 5 days is not that big of a deal. I routinely go months and even years without inspections.

now they track inspections through the DMV and suspend the registration if you don’t meet the deadline.
Going to try to replace brake lines tomorrow night. just so my son can use it to get to and from work and school.

I registered my jeep this year from MA to RI in march 6th and didn’t get it inspected till April 20th. after 30 days they will send you a notice. As long as you get it inspected before the date they mention on the notice you will be all set without having to go back to the DMV.

If you need to, take it early and get it failed, then you usually have 30 days to get it reinspected free at the same shop

This happened to me as well. I registered mine before it was roadworthy and about 30 days later I received a letter in the mail stating my registration will be voided if I didn’t get it inspected within 30 days. Just made it on Christmas eve which was the 29th day…

I am not worried about inspection. I just want to get it fixed so it is safe for Ian to drive 60 miles everyday.