help with roof

Most likely next weekend (not 100%) i am going to be re doing the roof @ my parent in-laws & i desperately need help
my father in law is out on disability so he cant help me, my brother in law is a POS & probably wont find the time to come & help which leaves me to do it by my self.
plus if some one has a roofing gun or 2 that I/we can use that would also be appreciated.
Unfortunately we cant pay $ but Beer and food will be supplied

I’m not available to help… buy you can borrow my roofing gun

sorry,i’ll be in Boston all weekend

thanks Steve ill let you know when i need it.

Steve my father in law is going to buy one for me to use, thanks for the offer.
when originally posted i wasn’t thinking that Sunday was mothers day so that plus the fact that its supposed to rain next sat kinda puts the kibosh on most likely will be the following weekend.

gonna try to start this tomorrow after work weather permitting if not than Wednesday.
if any one wants to stop by & lend a hand or just point & laugh :laughing: give me a ring
559-6066 & ill give you the address

what time Jeff? if i get everything all set with the truck i’ll swing by

Finlay got to scrape 1/2 the roof today, Here’s some before shots, it was almost dark by the time i got done so i had to tarp it… took me a little more than an hour to get set up & scrape 1/2 of one side, found out after that North East dist never delivered the drip edge so i slowed down. figured why kill my self if i cant get as much done as i wanted to. than i find out the help my in-laws gets me is afraid of heights & cant climb the ladder with out issue.

If any one comfortable on a ladder is available after 5 pm tomorrow i would really appreciate there assistance even it it is only with the Ice & water damn & the felt paper

had soccer today sorry Jeff. i’ll swing by tomorrow to lend a couple hours. i should be by around 6

that would be awesome thank you

Wish i could help you Jeff but due to a bad accident yrs back i cant do roof’s

Its OK Joe,
thank you again Derick.
headed back over there to do some more :neutral_face:

I’d also be willing to help except that so far I can’t even find time to fix my own roof or get my Jeep back on the road. Mad scramble to prepare for my companies worldwide users conference means working nights and weekends to get prepared. It sucks balls.

no problem Jeff. sorry to say i wont be able to help you next week. headed to upstate NY for work. i have to meet a coworker in North Attleboro at 3am Monday morning to be in upstate NY for 9am :frowning:

Eric, when your ready let me know i’ll help you out. good luck with work.

Its ok, did you ever get the stuff for your roof? if not North East distributors is having/had a flood sale. my father in law paid around $1150 for everything, works out to about a buck per sq foot

the biggest thing needed was help with the clean up, papering & than just a strong back to shag shingles up to me. Maybe some security to keep these damned back yard carpenters from harassing me. my in laws neighbors are cool & all but hell they all wanna tell me how to do it.
but none of them wanna help.

well on the up side both sides are now ripped, 1 side has been papered & i got to at least lay my starter course & start about 8 rows up the rake. hope fully i can take it & run once the rail stops.

[size=200]DONE FINELY[/size]