Help with 97 TJ

Any one have a timing light and or compression guage. Chasing a power loss issue. Every now and then get random multiple cylinder misfire code from code reader. Changed plugs and wires. went away for awhile then came back. Changed cap and rotor the other day. no trouble light yet but can sometimes feel the miss.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

97 TJ with 4 cyl. & Auto Trans Already kind of a dog without this problem.

I don’t do engines . . . but can dig out my timing light from about 30 years ago . . . .

can the timing even be adjusted…I believe the distributor to be keyed/fixed in position. the ecm is controlling timing

Inline 6 and 4 bangers are non adjustable. its all in the electronics.

I have replaced distributor twice in the process of getting engine running. I think I may have put it in 1 or 2 teeth off.
Had head rebuilt at my mechanics urging when he checked compression after I replaced bad head gasket and had NO power.
Engine ran much better after head work, but still seems under powered and keeps getting random misfire trouble codes. Only sometimes can you hear or feel the miss though.

Driving on level roads is not a problem going up hills is the problem. I really want to go to next camp and wheel but I am worried that if I try to drive up there with this problem I may make a Bigger one.

I had to cut my tabs off of mine due to the lol had to time it…

the tabs that hold dist. in place? How did you hold it in place after that?

Theres a hold down also

Different situation…We did an aftermarket cam which needs a timing adjustment.

If you running stock, you should not do this. your issues (if you feel its timing) is most likely that you may be a tooth or 2 off. You need to re-index your distributor (a quick search on-line will give you a bunch of threads on how to do this)