Help… My front lower control arm brack broken off the axle. Talk about a scary ride I need someone who can actually weld stop by and weld this up for me. I have a crappy 220 welder with flux core wire that we could use. I can do non structural welding but won’t attempt this. Anyone available later tonight or tomorrow night???

I would never attempt to weld the stock bracket back on. All the metal in the area of the tear will be very brittle and prone to failure.

Consider these: … -pair.html

I would also remove the axle prior to welding in order to get the best position. I have a Miller 211 but don’t have any time available in the forseeable future.

Eric thanks for the tip… this makes sense to me…

Well I finally made the ride home from W.W. to Harrisville…that was the scariest ride I ever did…think death wobble paired with a very loose rim. I ended up using rope to hold it together so I could get home. It’s amazing just how long it takes when you actually drive the speed limit… The sad part is that I can not even claim battle scars as I was backing out of a parking spot when it broke…although some do consider that extreme wheeling… :smiley:

I have a set of these that I no longer need. Let me know if you’re interested I’m sure we can work something out.

Those look like they would do the job nicely… are they complete?? Let me know what you want for them.

All complete. Two brackets, two skids, and a set of bolts. Still in the box they were shipped in. 60 bucks?

thats the way to go

I went thru this last winter after tearing my drivers LCA mount off on a rock. I replaced mine with a set of Currie mounts and skids very similar to the Claytons’ that RyanK3 has. Definitely get something with skids its well worth it. Mine are scarred to sh*t from Fall Crawl this year.

My brother and I had no problem welding them up with the axle on the vehicle, in fact it made lining things up much easier. Doing one side at a time, drop the control arm and grind the old stuff off the axle. Put the new bracket on the control arm with a bolt thru it and bring it up to the axle tube. when you have it set where you want, tack it in place. Pull out the control arm and weld it in place. The only thing I found was that even though they list the brackets to fit a Dana 30 / Dana 44 axle, the brackets are ground to contour a Dana 44 axle tube (at least my Currie’s were). If your putting them on a Dana 30 you will have to regrind the contour to make it fit.

ok I will take those then…

If to don’t I will, lol

Glen call me when your ready yo do these, ill try to swing on by

Cool! Thanks Ricky…

i broke mine off like 2 years ago. i welded it back on made some plates to make it stronger. i didn’t have a choice i needed it to get to work the next day. its not the best choice but it hasn’t broke since.

Thanks to Ryan for the brackets and a big thanks to Ricky for spending his Sunday morning welding these in…