Hi, im from the warwick area. Im an outkast here because i dont have a lifted jeep or plan on doing any trail rides. I do have a 1998 zj 5.9. I joined the forum because im looking for a shop that knows jeeps. I need to have my rear differential rebuilt (carrier bearings). I was thinking of maybe a 8.8 instead also and maybe a 242 transfer. Can you guys recommend a good shop that wont rape me on labor charges? I saw some shop Jeeps Unlimited, but it looks more like a salvage yard. Any help is appreciated.

these guys do a lot of work on Jeeps and are reasonably priced



If you are not going on trail rides then the 8.8 swap does not make a whole lot of sense. There is alot of work (and $) involved making it fit a coil spring rig.

Swapping in a 242 would be a big downgrade compared to the 249 that is currently in your Jeep. Not only does the 249 have a significantly higher torque capacity but full-time mode on the 242 sucks compared to the 249.

You are probably looking at about $1,500 to properly rebuild your rear axle. That would include ring, pinion, spiders, master rebuild kit, axle shafts, outer bearings, and seals. I guarantee that when the shafts are pulled they will be severely worn. I had my D44a rebuilt by Andy at East Coast Speed in Cranston (or it might be just over the line in Warwick, I forget).

You might be able to get away with having somebody throw in some bearings but don’t expect it to last very long. An alternative might be to source a low(er) mileage unit from a junkyard and bolt it in. Any D44a from a 96-98 Grand with a V8 will work. The only difference between the 5.2 and 5.9 is that the 5.9’s came with limited slip (which is itself pretty useless) and a different yoke which is easy to swap from your current axle.

Good luck.

1500… Damn. Thats more than i was thinking. I know Andy a little so maybe i will go there. I was thinking i could get away by just putting in the dana44 master rebuild kit. The truck only has 93000 on it. The noise sounds like a wind noise from the hatch area. It doesntvgetvany louder with speed, turning, accel/decel, etc. once i get over 10 mph the noise is there at the same volume until i stop. It doesnt seem to have any effect on the performance, just annoying hearing the noise all the time.

With only 93k miles I would be surprised if the problem is the rear axle bearings. Are you sure? Those things should be good for 175k easy (mine lasted until about 210k). It might be something simple such as a bony u-joint or a front unit bearing. Don’t let where the sound appears to be coming from fool you. The acoustics of a moving vehicle plays all sorts of tricks when you are sitting in the drivers seat.

If all else fails you can always resort to my guaranteed noise eliminating solution:


If you still need a good mechanic, Mason’s automotive in Cranston, good honest guys.

So basically i cannot see the events thing and that is why i suck at finding things on this forum! im not that incompetent!

Drew have you put in an application?