Hi, im Austin, im from Lincoln, RI. its just possible that some of the current members have seen my XJ, black 2dr hi-lift on roof, front pre-runner bumper, armor on the rear-quarter. Anyways thanx for letting me join, and hope to see ya on the trail. :smiley:

welcome to the forum. Post some pics of your Jeep.

welcome Austin

Hi Austin! I was wondering if you were going to check in.

We have lots of events scheduled and its going to be a great season. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail.

Welcome Austin!


Always work in progress

Welcome, your a brave man letting that winch hang out like that

the pic was taken just after i had used it to get my buddy out of a mud pit, but its actually removable and i also have a locking pin when i leave it on the front end.

Your in Lincoln, and I don’t recognize that pic?

I’m in this one

Welcome, Austin!

Welcome to the forum Austin

the trail is near twin river casino. just small poweline trails.

welcome, I live right over in cumberland.


I grew up in Lincoln (a long time ago) but live in Johnston now.

I meant the Jeep. I didn’t recognize the Jeep.

And if the LPD catches you out there… they impound. That fenced in yard at the pd is for that. I’ve seen stuff sit there for 6 months or more awaiting court dates.

I no longer travel the powerlines anymore due to a friend of mine who’s jeep was broken down and he was caught and charge with a pretty big fine, also he lost the jeep. I am joining the club to help our 4 wheel community and wheel responsibly.

If you don’t have plans already then come on out to our clean-up event on the 16th:


I think some of the crew plan on light wheeling afterwards.

good to have you aboard. sometimes people don’t know and figure that if there are already trails it must be legal when in fact you can get into some trouble. Thats why we try to encourage people to join clubs because around here, that’s the only way you can wheel and not have to look over your shoulder plus we always go out as a group and collectively we will get you off the trail and home.

Some of us can also show you what not to do. :smiley:

my lines usually end up in either Body damage or something going SNAP!

ok, i will learn from what veteran drivers do and see what i can do myself while on the trail. Also i wanted to know where exactly the Drive-in night will be held, so i can introduce myself and have a good time.