Hello all !
not sure what to say other then hello , and thank you for letting me on the forum !

Hey Martin,

Welcome back! You need a better introduction than that!! Hope to see you at some events soon. A bunch of us are going to the P-Bruins game next Friday night (March 4th). I’m getting the tickets first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning. Let me know ASAP if y’all are interested in joining the fun.

Yeah I know that was a lame intro
P Bruins that’s awesome
it’s the day after my birthdy so I don’t think I’ll be going I got a important Dr.'s appt on the 3rd so I’ll be hanging with the wife on the 4th I’m sure depending on the news I get from the Dr.

Welcome to the forum gasman, hope all goes well with your appointment

Hello Martin, thought you got rid of the jeep

Nope still got it , the lease ends at the end of this summer , but I’m thinkning of getting another one !
I’ll have to see what jeep has coming for 2012 and make up my mind as to keeping this one or getting a new one !

Thanks for the welcome and the concern for my appt.
I’ll be sure to update on it after i get home , I am getting tired of getting an upset stomach feeling about 10 minutes after I eat !

Now I know where your user name comes from. Too much information.

:mrgreen: :laughing:

:unamused: :laughing:

LMAO :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Martin. How’s it going?


Ya know the same ole stuff work run 4 tp 5 miles eat sleep , repeat !
Hows things wioth you Steve !

Thanks , I was behind you one day in my Peterbilt tring to catch up but no use , I knew it was you the only tj with FL tags and smittybilt gera on it ! :mrgreen: :smiley: :open_mouth:


Things are good. Getting over the crazy winter season and ready for spring/summer fun with the boating, Jeeping, Beaching down on East Beach with the Jeep, and any other fun we can find with the family.

Typing this sitting in my finished basement. THANKS MARTIN!

Call this guy up last min and he shows up to help hang sheet rock on the ceiling. I was having trouble on my own. Keep you posted for our summer cook out this summer. A lot of the OSJ guys were here last summer. This summer hoefully there will be no schedule conflicts.

Happy Birthday Martin

Thanks Derick , and I know I’m getting old , I went to change my pants and blew out my back :laughing: :laughing: I kow it’s not funny but I can laugh at myself I guess

It was the least I could do, like several others you gave me a second shot at a friendship , and besides I’m always willing to help friends in need when I can
cookout sounds like a good time !!!