Hello to the Locals!

Thought I would check in here. I met a few members at the Oakland Beach cruise night a couple weeks back (Eric, Bob, Derek), so I figured I would take a look at the forum.

I drive a Red 1980 CJ7 on 33’s, usually with one or two kids in the back!. Currently a member of Ronin Wheelers of NE, but always looking to meet new jeepers and the like, especially locally. Hope to meet ore of you this summer around the area!

thanks for checking in. we’re getting together on the 11th to head up to the Patriot Place car show, if you feel like joining us. i think the info is in the general section.

Welcome to the forum.


Nice to see you on the forum



I could not make it to Oakland Beach tonight (technically last night now) because I was busy catching huge stripers out at Block Island. Hope to make it out next Tuesday night.

Welcome to the forum Mike, we met at the NEA meeting in Exeter



I have a meeting in Watham most of the day, but may be able to make it work. I’ll get back to you as we get closer (or in Oakland Beach Tuesday). Thanks for the invite!

Eric, I ended up scoring Sox tix, so I didn’t show either

How you doing Mike? glad to see you here!!

Welcome to the forum…

Just FYI… The patriots place car show has been moved to 8/18!!!

welcome :sunglasses: