Hello my Name is:

Hi guys and girls? my name is Brian. Heard about you guys thru the grapevine and decided to check things out. Looks like your a down to earth bunch who like the sport. I just sent in an application and hopefully will be seeing you on the trail soon with my 89 Wrangler aka Digger.

My brief background:
Happily married with 2 little girls.
Interest in homebrewing (beer and wine) with a growing BBQ interest.
Typical 9-5 family guy who finds offroading a way to escape from time to time.

Welcom Brian! Be sure to check the Events forum because we have a lot going on this season. Hope you can make it to the quarterly business meeting & cookout next weekend.

I have an interest in drinking homebrewed beer and wine. :mrgreen:


welcome Brian, sounds like you’ll fit right in. Hope to meet up soon.


welcome to the forum

X2 :wink:

Um yea about his home brew, Its pretty damn good. Brian did i mention how much i liked your beer? did you say you had some you would not be drinking? :smiley: I do have a lil spot in my fridge that i would be willing to use to keep it cold. :laughing:
Oh and he makes magic happen in his mildly built open diff YJ that surprises the hell out of me with on a regular basis.
Nice to see you on here bud, now about that beer…

Welcome Brian.

Welcome to the forum

welcome Brian!