hello from blackstone

Hello im matt from blackstone ma …rollin a 90 xj rot free 5.5 short arm 33/12.5 bfg km2’s winch bumper and a lot more goodys hope to be on the trails soon with osj …sent a app in earler today

Welcome Matt!!!

Check the events forum regularly. We have a lot going on this season and more will be added.

Hello, Matt!

This guy’s a great spotter (and I mean that!) Tough on lockers, though :laughing:

lol thanks mike i rebuilt that sucker yesterday


Welcome to the forum, Matt!

welcome to the forum.

Welcome… Great People here and lots of knowledge to be gained…enjoy

welcome-- we do have fun!! (even the older folks) :wink: :wink:



Welcome Matt anyone from Blackstone is OK in my book!

haha i see you all over the place thanks man…

Welcome to the forum Matt