Hello All

Hi, My name is Paul and I live in Northern RI. I’m looking forward to joining the club and getting my way too clean jeep dirty!
I have a 2002 TJ 4.0 with a 3" suspension lift and 33" Tires. I’ve owned my Jeep for about 7 years just recently added the lift and tires. I’ve done some light trail riding but don’t like the idea of having to sneak onto trails. I figured a local club that is active would be a perfect fit for me!

Here is a picture of my Jeep:
Jeep Small Size.jpg

Yes sir welcome their will be no more reason to sneak around we have trail rides at least twice a month. But welcome to the club make sure uou check in often snd submit an applicationso we can open up more of the form for you


Welcome from Johnston

Welcome to the forum.


Toy Run on Dec. 1st. Only about 12 spots left.

welcome Paul, we have a good group of guys and gals here. glad you found your way here to look for a legit trail riding option.

Welcome! Where up north are you from?

welcome! nice looking TJ!

Welcome! Hope to see you at an event.

Hello and welcome to the forum

welcome from lincoln

Welcome! Add some armor to that and you can start banging it around a bit :smiley:

Welcome to the forum. You found the right place to do things right!



Nice color, at least it’s not red!

Hello, Thanks for the warm welcome! I live in Cumberland up near the Cumberland House of Pizza.

I just tried registering and page said sold out :frowning: Bummer!

Glad to see that all spots were filled though!

I’ll register earlier next time for sure!

I agree!! But I need a bit of buffer time to keep my marriage intact! :slight_smile:
I spent WAY yo much money on my Jeep already this year!

I could give you my spot. If you would like. My jeep will not be fix in time. And I want to help with the event anyway