having trouble starting jeep when cold? fix inside!

ok so my jeep doesnt like to start when its below 35 or so. it cranks, cranks, cranks, then starts after about 5 min. stalls, then starts and revs up then runs normally. found this thread on jeepforum. some elec engineer found it was a flaw in the ECU (long read but worth it). well i did it yesterday, took a total of 45 min (not including silicone curing time). and $4.50 at radioshack. tested it last night and it fired up first time. checked it again this morn when it was 28deg and fired right up. basically the capacitors mentioned don’t like the cold so they dont fire up right away and dont prime the fuel pump. well i hope this helps someone else. if you look at page 6 you’ll see my post with pics.

jeepforum.com/forum/f12/cras … cu-492597/

nice find and good job!

nice work, glad it was an easyish fix for you.

Wow. I guess electrical engineers are actually worth something . . .

:laughing: that just made my day :laughing:

Let’s not rush to any conclusions.