Great American Jeep Rally - Sept 14th 2013

The Great American Jeep Rally has been announced. Last year’s was a blast and I bet this year’s will be even better!!

There will be a trail ride with Ian Johnson on the day after the Jeep Rally. Information and link to sign up is below:

Time to start the countdown :smiley:

This year Ricky will make that Rock Pile his B*tch

I’m in for the mud. :slight_smile: I didn’t get to play in it last time.


The bar up the road on the other hand . . . .

Well, I don’t have to wash my jeep after…I got bitches for that. Mud is more fun that way :wink:

Mud for rednecks lol. Ill stick with the rocks. Nothing like going threw mud and two years later and countless times at the car wash you go to work underneath your rig and get dirt in your face when you wack something

Good thing I don’t work on my own Jeep…lol

I got bitches for that stuff too.

Hi Eric, I didn’t make this last year but won’t make that mistake this year. Any idea who I need to talk to about setting up a booth?

You might also visit

There is a $100 fee for a 20’x25’ vendor space.

Do you have to be a member to attend this event!? Looks like so much fun!

nope. The Great American Jeep Rally and Go Topless Day are open events and a great time.

I’m deff. Interested in those pretty excited! Wish it were sooner.

Just to clarify, once you register for the forum and e-mail in an application (both of which you have done) then for all practical purposes you ARE a member.

All you need to do now is show up and have fun!! :mrgreen:

Thanks! I look forward to some of the events that have so far been posted.

95% in, assuming i can get away from work. haha

Plenty of time to request it off. C’mon wildcat - don’t pansy out on us :wink:

5 minutes of fun in the mud, 5 years of crap droppin on your face. Pretty sure i’ll blow a cv joint in mud haha, either way, despite Roxie’s “encouragement” i’ll be doin my best to be there and break something!

I want to ride along!!!