Great American Jeep Rally 9.14.13

Just wondering what everyones plan was for convoying up to Ellington? I will be heading up ahead of time to set up the club’s booth and rti ramp. I can bring my own table, and Melissa will be making a new poster board, but I will still need the pop up canopy and a banner.

Eric has the canopy and Derick and Ricky each have a banner.

i’m holding your caliper hostage as well

not sure what my plan is yet. i have to see what my girls are willing to do :wink: i’m likely looking at a tough 7am rollout

Cody do you still need help with the both.just let me know i can get there early if you want.if not i was planning on conveying down with everyone at 8

I will be there with a booth for Crawling For A Cure! the GAJR is ALWAYS a good time!!

Anyone going to the ian johnson ride the next day (besides me?) :slight_smile:

Not that I know of. I will be fishing.