Great American Beer Festival: Nov 9th, 2013

Its that time of the year again. Who is going?


krissie and i are IN! what session? we would prefer the evening session

Good times last year. I’ll report back

Yes, evening session.

i’ll have some friends up from CT that day as well and will be dropping the baby off at the in-laws :smiling_imp:

is matt getting us another $400 room

you can always crash at my place if you want. taxi is cheaper than bail

I’m open to chipping in on a room.

Omni: $259
Hilton: No availability
Courtyard: No availability
Biltmore: No availability
Marriot: No availability
Renaissance: No availability
Hampton Inn: No availability
Wyndham Garden: No availability

My guess is that the Omni will be booked full very soon. . .

I may take you up on that, thanks

This one is out for me I don’t drink beer could never stand the taste. Long story I won’t share.

WHAT? :open_mouth:

I’m definitely :laughing: going

X2… now if it was a MARGARITA festival, I’d be all up in there!

X2 on Margarita-Fest!!! (OSJ Event??) ::whisper:: If you dream it, they will come

Mmmmm, margaritas. I have the machine!! :smiling_imp:

We love you, Jay!!! blink, blink… wink wink…

ticket purchased…HOLY SHIT, $45??

I call couch at derricks, or floor

Anybody interest end in chipping in on a room?

Depends on cost. I feel like I’ve been hemoraging dollar bills

Im not going this year…good time last year besides getting sick lol