Got tagged in South Windsor

Hey guys, I just moved to a new place in south Windsor and I came outside the other day and I had a poster for go topless day on my jeep from this club, so I figure I would make an account and see who it was…

I’m currently in NEJeep but I’m always willing to make new friends


Welcome Matt!

Gotta watch those haunted Jeepers showing up at night sliding stuff under your windshield wiper.

Welcome to the forum Matt

Welcome to the forum Matt, I could have actualy been one of us or just some random stranger cause the are on our fb page to be printed

welcome to the forum Matt



Ha ha ha ha GUITLY!!! :smiley:

welcome man.

I live in the complex right across from you btw.

welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum.

Thanks guys, ill have to find your jeep and tag ya back with NEJeep propaganda lol

I look forward to exploring the forum and hopefully meeting some of ya guys


Welcome to the forum Matt