Go Topless Day 2013 - May 18th, 2013

Going to be a Good Time

Can’t wait…

Quick question. Is there an events schedule, such as trail ride times, RTI ramp attempts etc or are they going on all day? I am mostly stock so I don’t plan to trail ride or try the ramp but would be interested in spectating so I want to make sure I get there when they’re going on.


P.S. This my first GTD event so I was unsure… Is there an area to bring a little grill and set up some chairs to hang out. I plan to bring my girl and possibly meeting up with a couple of other wranglers and we were just wondering if it was allowed.

hey mike nice meeting you yesterday. good luck on the doors see ya around

we’ll have a food vendor there. trail rides and rti ramps do not have a schedule. spectators will not be allowed on the trails due to insurance liabilities but the RTI ramp will be visible. we could maybe see someone try the hill climb too.

Thanks nice meeting you as well, I’m sure I’ll see you guys at GTD!

Derick, That is understandable about no bystanders on the trails. Still looking forward to coming thanks for the reply.


Mike, we will have at least 1 trail suitable for bone stock Jeeps. You might be surprised what a stock Jeep can do on the RTI ramp if the front sway bar is disconnected. Hope to see you there. Bring lots of friends.

P.S. We can always use help running the event. See the call for volunteers in the Events forum.

Is there a way to scope out the stock trail before taking it on? I’d hate to be the guy thst gets stuck and slows everyone down haha.

About helping out I’d love to, would attending this count towards a requirement for joining? I’ve been a provisional member for a while just never have the time to attend events. Hopefully that changes after I graduate college this spring!

yes it will count towards the requirements. i encourage all provisional members and full members alike to volunteer some time at the event. it will take a lot of hands to make sure this event runs smoothly. it will be a good chance to show the clubs cometary as well. plus you get into the event for free and a cool staff t-shirt.

also we will be having another day or 2 of site prep to do as well. helping during site prep days count as an event as well. and it will give you a chance to check out the trails.

That sounds great, I’m going to check out the volunteer thread now.


You will be fine. Trust me! :mrgreen:

Will there be a meeting spot to meet and convoy up there?

I think most of us working the event will be going up Friday night and camping.

I think most of us working the event will be going up Friday night and camping.

Just over two weeks to go!

Latest additions to the raffle lineup include an 8500 lb Superwinch and a $500 gift certificate from Mickey Thompson.

At the moment we have exactly 20 vendors/clubs/orgs signed up for the event including Clayton Offroad, Crown, All Things Jeep, Endangered Species, Jeepin’ Stuff, RC Truck Stop, and more. The area we had originally set aside for vendors is now full but we will make room if any clubs want to jump on board over the next few days.

Trail work will be completed next Sunday. This is shaping up to be an awesome event!!

How long of a ride is it to get there?

Hour and 10 minutes from North Smithfield.

do we need to register ahead of time or just show up topless?

also have cool matching M101 trailer. will there be space to park with Trailer on jeep? Thought it would be cool to show but if there is no room I will leave it at home

No need to register. Just show up.

Trailer sounds awesome. Bring it.

Signed up here just to get a better understanding of this event. Is your GTD run as an organised celebration or as a chaotic free-for-all?

If it fits in with my sensibilities I’d love to come and experience it - but if not, I’ll skip the 2hr drive.

this is our second year of putting on this event and have had a couple other decent sized events through-out the year. i’d like to think we are pretty organized in our event planning at this point. we have a lot going and think it’s a DO NOT MISS event of the year.