garage space

looking for a slot this winter to tear down the rig for some off season maintenance/upgrades. if anyone has any ideas of space close to tiverton I would appretiate the input. thanks in advance

I know I’m not close, but you’re welcome to use mine. I have already offered it up to derick for his jeep but it should be easy enough to pull one out and put the other in if needed.

thanks, i figured as much. but also wasnt sure about derick. mine also wont be a roller. I am picking up a new frame this weekend

ill be in touch though

No worries, let me know. I knew I should have kept my junk axles for something… :blush:

But they went to a good cause.

we’ll work it out, mine shouldn’t take long :unamused: once the rear is mocked up it will at least be a roller. i should be tearing into it in the next couple of weeks.