Full Traction suspension

I just picked up a used Full Traction suspension…well some of it anyway…


I bought the adjustable control arms (older grease able style) and the 3 link rear set up. My plan is to clean it up and then use it with my 3" lift and current stock axles until 8.8 axle with 4:10’s is finished. I will then bump it up with a set of 4" lift coils, SYE and 35’s finally. Anyone have any experience with this kit and/or how to properly set up the adjustable control arms??

The only recommendation I have is when you swap in the rear axle then be sure to weld the truss in place.

i have some experience with short arms. Mike just setup Jamie’s long arms and Ricky built his as well

thanks guys… I will let you know when I am ready for the install

Give me a call when your ready :sunglasses:

Thanks I will need the help!!