FTR Powder Puff/Drag Trail Ride for Cancer

FTR Powder Puff/Drag Trail Ride for Cancer


Who:Open to everyone for a suggested $10/rig plus $5/passenger donation to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life
What:This is a Powder Puff or Drag trail run which means it is open to all the ladies… and those who look like them, dress like them, etc Very Happy Everyone attending should be dressed like a lady… driving or not! This trail is very stocker friendly and is a great opportunity to encourage the women in your lives to get more involved. So, bring along your wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, etc… This is all in good fun to raise money for the American Cancer Society. For those who don’t have the guts to do this… you can donate money online via this link as well… but you will be missing out on all the fun and laughs!

When:6/6/09 - SATURDAY
Where:Southern NH, trail location and meeting spot will be announced in trail email.
Why: Come out and wheel, meet some new people, and contribute to a great cause.

If you are a non-member, or a member bringing a guest, please fill out and bring a copy of the guest waiver for each non-member attending. Read this thread to get the membership and guest waiver forms.

shoot me an email if you are planning on going or post up on here

so does that mean that I would have to sit in Mike’s seat?
I think (ack) I am (eh hmm) working that day… (cough)!

Sounds like a LOT of fun though.
Anyone ever go to this one before?

I went 2 years in a row. It is a blast & nope mike can still have his seat.

I dont have any pics from 07

I was there last year, had a blast!

So where’s the pic of you in a skirt?


Man with camera never have own picture taken. :wink: :laughing:

Email sent. Hope to get this day off too.

EDIT: Got the confirmation email today. Anyone else going? We could meet up somewhere and caravan up.

So will we be the only OSJ’ers going this year?

No one else is “man enough” to wear a skirt??? :laughing:

I’m gonna find a nice wig for Mike to wear, only we will be calling him Michele that day.

Oh man wish I saw this earlier… LOL I would have been there for a laugh and to be a good sport. I do carry a gun, so if anyone took a pic they would go missing lol. Got enough incriminating photos of me in existance if I want to run for office :mrgreen:

did anyone end up going to this? pics? wish i coulda gone

we had planned on going, but Emily (Mike’s daughter) wasn’t getting dropped off on time for us to to be able to make the meeting spot. We spent the day on the cape instead. I asked somewhere where I could make a donation but never heard back from anyone.