Front Tow Hook Bolt

Are the two torx head bolts that hold the tow hook to the front of the frame on my TJ strong enough to hold a winch plate down.I am not shure if there grade 8.

i would get new grade 8 bolts from Lowes or where ever if only for anything but to get rid of the torx style bolt.

i dont know… but i would replace them with grade 8 bolts. my winch bumper came with grade 8 bolts to replace the stock torx bolts

Replace them with Grade 8 Hex Head Bolts, thread is 1/2-13, if I remember right, around 2 1/2" puts you well into the frame, a little longer and you could get a nut and washer behind it for piece of mind on a winch plate.
A T55 Torx bit to get the old ones out.

My winch plate came in today from Rough Country and it came in with all the mounting hardware. I did not know that it came with the bolts.Thanks Mike :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. When I looked at mine, they were 1/2-13 x 2 1/2 but I also have an inch taken up by the tow hooks I have up front. Better see some mod pics up soon.

they could of been metic as well. most of the bolts on my '05 are

LOL, They’re 1/2-13 now if they weren’t before. Damn Impact Gun… :laughing: