front and rear Dana 60s

cj/yj width dana 60, about 59". 4:10 gears, yukon 35 spline alloy shafts. welded (lincoln locker). solid brand cast iron diff cover. no brakes or mounts. $400

the one in the back, cover is not on in the pic

im interested, but ideally i want to run full width

It would be virtually impossible to run full width on the street. 60" is about perfect on an XJ/TJ/ZJ if you want to keep it street legal with commonly available (i.e. reasonably priced) wheels.

The alloys alone will run $400. I’ve started researching my disc brake options for this axle.

I was going to use the Ballistic weld on caliper mounts. … cts_id=447

I think I will sell the front as well, $500 for the front, $800 for both Chevy, 2 drw hubs 1 srw hub, non-neck down shafts, apart, was going to do the king pins and what not, but…

hmm… i might have to work 4 days of overtime :smiling_imp:

come check 'em out

to be clear, the gears are not apart, just the king pins/outers ttt

$200 for the rear without the cast cover. this week only. my truck needed a tranny. :unamused:

rear sold, keeping the front for the cj. :smiling_imp:

taking the plunge Bob? everyone else is doing it.

I don’t have a choice, got three runs out of an alloy shaft. :unamused: I just dont want to lay it up all summer. :confused:


it was a yukon, sent it back, they are checking the hardness?

Just don’t show them video of you wheeling. :stuck_out_tongue:

c’mon I’m not that bad!