My daughter has been driving me nuts for the original version Frogger game for PS2. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. HELP!!!

can ony find it on ps1. but it will work in the ps2 console … 258&sr=8-4

i have the ps1 frogger… its awesome… and it has the original version on it as well.

I was told the graphics are not good using ps1 on the ps2. Soooooooo…I’m still searching :angry:

I have one for TRS 80. . .

dude its the oriinal frogger. the graphics arent that good anyway :laughing:

Wasn’t sure what that was so I looked it up…dude, how freakin old are you, really?

Well . . . I’d say that I am still maturing . . .

The graphics will only be as good as they were on the original ps1. When you move into ps2, they changed the frogger game. If you want the original one, you have to get the ps1 game.

Your right Victor. We tried a friends ps1 game in the ps2 and it wouldn’t work. Anyone got a ps1?

The game system, right? I (MIGHT) be able to help you with that… let me look when I get home.

sorry, sold mine off. sold my Xbox too. i’m a Wii man… :neutral_face: that didn’t come out right…

Thanks anyways Stacey and Wii man? huh? :confused: :laughing: Found a ps1 buried in my sons room! Going back in to look for Jeep parts now! :wink: