frame rust help

Got the 67 mustang running and looked underneath it for the first time, Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do? I’m hoping to just box the frame??

they just plate jeeps maybe it’s the same thing. Jay’s buddy is a rustang guy, maybe he can give you some advice.

Wow…thats got some cancer. Where’d you pick this thing up? Specs?

itll cost a whole lot to fix all that and alot of time… need to basically rebuild most of it…

They don"t call them RUSTSTANGS for nothing.

undercoat the hell out of it then put a for sale sign on it!!! then buy MOPAR!!!

they sell all of the frame repair panels for them but just the panels alone are going to set you back like 5 grand by the time you replace every piece back to solid metal. i have done a 67 fastback for a friend before. and the problem that you run into is while your doing it you could upgrade $$$$$$$$$

i am 12 years and i don’t know how many thousands in to my 1973 challenger.

You didn’t say, but I’m hoping you were kidding because that would be a scumbag thing to do.

sorry if i offended you

X2, serious face!