For sale: 92yj

I’m selling my yj to generate some cash to be able to modify a jk I’m picking up this week.
The basics
92 yj
2.5 (runs good)
Manual (shifts good)
Ragtop (keeps the rain mostly out. could use new frame/fabric but it is functional)
Rough county lift

It barely clears the 35s but they don’t rub during normal driving

The entire body has been spray lined with rhino liner. Its got a decent coating.
Some surface rust underneath but no major rot anuwhere.
Pics to come later.
I’m asking 5500. Giving the club first picks, if anyone has any suggestions I’m always willing to listen even if you don’t want to buy it.
Call or text
It’ll hit craigslist next week sometime I’m in no real rush to sell

Just my opinion here, but it looks to be a bit high on the price. I assume this has stock axles, and no lockers (since you didn’t mention them). This, along with a top in rough shape, 4 cyl, etc could be found at $2000-$2500 on FB and CL, assuming the frame is solid.

I’m not trying to insult you or your Jeep, just giving you some advice.

I’m always willing to take advice :slight_smile:
And you may be right,
I’ve always figured ask high and let someone make an offer, cash is king as they say.