For Sale 32x11.5x15 GoodYear MTR Kevlar NEW (luckily)

OK so first off I will say im a complete idiot and luckily Goodyear has great customer service and are gonna cover my F–Up. I forgot to air my tires up after the ride Sunday and drove back from Swanzey with 15lbs in my new tires, With that said i completly chewed up the treads on the far outside and inside of all 4 tires. Goodyear is gonna replace my tires and they should be in within a week so i figured if i can find someone willing to buy the brand new 32x11.5 Kevlar MTR this is my chance to upgrade to 33" The tires retailed for $812 and I got an $80 rebate on them when purchased so the total is $732.00. They will still have the fancy blue on the sidewalls also… :laughing:

If I have no takers I will just stick with the 32’s. They worked beyond my expectations at Swanzey so i’m more than happy to stick with them.

If only I had $732 spare cash. I’m gonna need tires before winter I think.

I’m surprised they wore like that at 15 psi. I drove around at that pressure in my BFG’s many times.

the question is how fast where you driving home :smiley:

Not very fast actually since it was raining so the 4 angry squirrels were waterl logged du to my lack of doors and side windows so I would guess my top speed was 60. The tires arent really bad due to the wear but for tires with only 4k miles on them they were willing to trade them out.

Where did you buy them again? I need to start dealing with this outfit . . .

the rainbowed steering setup had nothing to do with it right? :open_mouth: you might be able to find a taker on craigslist or something. i’ll pass on the info to anyone i know

Eric I’m not saying a stinking word on who is swapping them out until I get the new tires in hand…I know nothing…Ok you beat it out of me it was Goodyear customer service (corporate) who is issuing a full trade in but i had to have them inspected at a local goodyear authorized dealer