For sale 2005 Wrangler x

hey y’all ive got a dark blue TJ for sale…its my gf’s and she really needs the money so its cheap… nothing wrong with it. just did an oil change. 47k on it. its a 6sp 4.0L has after market radio and speakers. fog lights on the bumper and a new soft top. if theres anything else u wanna know just let me know…

oh yea for got to add its price is $6000

Where ya been lately? You showing up at any of the upcoming events . . . maybe with your GF’s Jeep before she sells it . . . :laughing:

my jeep has been down in ct until recently and im so lost as to what events are coming up as the events sections is a bit confusing lol…

Confusing :question:

Just check the stickies at the top. Lots going on as the season winds

i thought about the the poker run but the cherokee doesnt meet min require. but i might go to the beer fest

If this was Feb it be sold!!

well it needs to go soon so if u know any who wants one let em know…spread the word

post the ad or some pics. my cousin is starting to look

these are the only pix i could find of it… these are from the summer…it has a new top that is black now and round fog lights on the bumper.
jeep 3.jpg
jeep 2.jpg
jeep 1.jpg

I’ll take it. Call me @ 774-451-6691

hey guys theres been a mix up in the price for this…the kbb for this is $14.500 and she will let it go for 12 or 13…im sry for the mix up

Thought it sounded too good to be true.

hahaha I was just going to the bank

sry bout that…my gf changed her mind so i had to change the price but its still a good deal lol