For sale... 07-08 jku top

Outback diamond black extended top

Could be a great option to customize for a buggy built safari top.

Smittybilt model 94535, new in box.

Retails for 90 bucks, make me an offer. Will consider trades in the form of single malt aberlour or balvenie scotch

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JJ shoot me a price I’ll take it.

Ummm 90 bucks, bottle of aberlour 16 or best cash offer. I’d even take the 12 year double cask…

Your move buddy. Not looking to get rich, hoping to hook somebody up and reduce my inventory.

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I’ll take it. Can u hold it till I see you again.

Mmmmmm… Balvenie DoubleWood.

That one is my go-to. If you like that, you’ll really like the ablerbour or the Glenfiddich 15

Hey are we still on for this. Are you going to the meeting. Let me know so I can grab you your bottle. Thx.

No meeting, but yes to gtd. I’ll bring it with me.

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K see you there

I hope this is what you wanted. Bring it up Saturday

That’s my brand tad! I packed that top for you

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