f/s- not mine Rubicon Dana 44 Axles with Factory Lockers

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Front and Rear Axles D44 4.11 from a 2005 Rubicon with factory air lockers. Axles have approximately 65k and are in very good condition. Includes both front and rear axles complete including rotors and brakes, both air compressors, stock skid plate with air compressor mounting plate, factory dash locker switches, relays, master cylinder, etc…

$2995 for both front and rear. Will not split. Local cash pick up only. If needed also have brand new in box Rubicon E-Brake cables, 1330/1310 conversion U joints.

Somebody has had Rubicon axles posted on CL for a while. I wonder if they are the same?

i dont know but i do know if i saw these last year i would be driving on them right now and still have money in my pocket…

if your thinking of upgrading your axles this is the way to do it. Johnny B is in the area, maybe you can bribe him to pick them up for you.

long island is a lot bigger than rhode island so they may or may not be in my area :laughing: , but yeah i wouldnt mind picking them up


i doubt anyone from here will grab them. in hind site, i know i sure as hell would have before i started my mess. i’m spending a grand just to regear a less desirable axle :exclamation:

:laughing: :blush: :unamused: