depending on if i can get my fucking drivers seat back in my fucking jeep. i mean, WTF, a fucking seat takes a whole FUCKING basement full of fucking tools…and i couldnt finish. not to mention i dropped the old f’in bracket on my f’in foot. who the fuck wears fucking flip flops whilst workin on their fucking jeep. WTF!

ok, back to my fucking seat issue. between a new seat riser, slider and new seat. the fucking thing sits so fucking high it is practically touching the steering wheel. i cant even get my GD legs under the wheel to drive it, not to mention my head is nearly above the roll cage now. WTF!!! any solutions out there besides blowing the whole FUCKING THING UP. i just want to drive the thing for christ sakes

what was wrong with the seat to begin with?

milk crates???

Shorter risers, let Landon drive, one more beer, one more.I’m going to be home tomorrow after work.I just have to clean up the welds and prime and paint them. Come down for a beer when you get home and we can talk about your fucking seat :smiley: