Engine swap

Ok so I think I might just have to swap out my engine completely I’m just trying to get some opinions on what would be the most simple swap without going with another 4.2. I was looking at going EFI but don’t think I can afford it, so I was also looking into like a old amc v8 from everything iv read so far it seems pretty simple but can’t find any pricing on tht anywhere

Getting a 4.0 with MPFI as a complete engine would be a great option. I am drowning in info on morphing the 4.0 harness into a CJ/YJ w/ 258. It took me a while to figure out how to blend the 2 harness, but now I could do it in a few hours. I will be posting a build thread on this soon.

Ok cool iv done just about everything but complete engine swaps so I’d have no idea how to hook up a 4.0 harness to my yj I also have no idea what’s left of my harness seeing as one of the prev owners nuttered it and there’s wires everywhere under the dash I was looking into the amc swap keep it carbed and only run the few wires I would need and strip every wire in the dash and clean it up. The only reason I’m thinkn about replacing the engine is tht I recently started having a knock before it was a lil tick idk if it s in the head or if its a rod knock

You might want to see what transfer case is in that also, 87 came with the NP 207, which is useless. thay didn"t swicth to the NP231 untill the end of the model year, I had to switch mine out. keep that in mind, also what tranny do u have? it might be cheaper to scour craigslist for a chevy 350& tranny & tcasefrom some one junking a truck,they are available for short money. only telling you because I have already gone down this road with my 87 & if I had to do it all over the 350& tranny & tcase would have been CHEAPER. AJ

What should I look for and how hard would it be wouldn’t I have to get new drive shafts if I went tht route I will only have about a grand to do the swap and this is my daily driver I don’t care about mpg I just need to get it done ASAP

To answer your question (swap in a AMC V8) you would need to swap out the 6cyl passenger side frame motor mount to an 8cyl mount, re-route the engine bay fuel line (6cyl fuel pump on left/V8 on right), and if you don’t already have one a 3 core radiator. Straight forward swap and no mods.