Engine help

Who is the clubs engine TECHY!!

Been getting misfire codes on all cylinders (random multiple cylinder misfires detected) and no power on hills for a while now. Finally borrowed a timing light expecting timing to be a little off from when I replaced distributor, rotor,cap wires crank/cam pos. sensors and coil while rebuilding engine in January. As far as I can tell timing is ok. So what else could it be? I have heard that the O2 sensors could cause this.
Also timing chain set is new. Head refurbished at Simplex.

Any thoughts.

Is it misfiring at idle too. Do you have a scan tool that you can watch the misfires ?foes the engine light flash when driving? Is the check for a intake leak that will cause misfires and the exhaust temp to meltdown and loose power on hills.

My code reader does not have live feedback. light does flash sometimes, usually on highway or if trying to go over 50.

Mike it almost sounds like the distributor is off a tooth or too. Also might be silly but are the plugs in the right order? Check the service manual I sent you, it will have the procedure for installing the distributor.

Found it section 8D-16 to 8D-18 pages 726-728

On later models (03-06) a flashing engine light is usually indicative of failing/clogged catalytic converter - which could have been damaged by bad O2 sensors causing too rich fuel mix, and pouring too hot a mix down the exhaust. Does the 97 have pre and post O2 sensors and the Mini Cat/ main Cat exhaust?

On the misfire issue: Easy way to check for an intake leak is - at idle - spray around the intake manifold with come carburator cleaner. If you detect an increase in idle speed when spraying, you’ve got a crack/leak. Don’t go too nuts spraying the stuff it’s really flammable!!!

Oh yeah, like 98XJ said, Is it misfiring at idle also or just under load??

I had the same issues a while back. Ended up changing the cats and O2 sensors. I have Jeff’s old exhaust from his TJ. If it will work for you I’ll sell it to you for $75 and your old setup. I just need the down pipe portion for my swap. The exhaust still has the O2 sensors attached but the wires are cut. You should be able to just splice your old ones in.

I was thinking that I might be off by a tooth or 2 on the distributor also. If the weather cooperates tomorrow I am going to try to re position it and see if that helps.

Is it worse when it’s raining out?

bank 2 sensor is no good

Follow the instructions in the service manual and then you will know for sure its in right. Let us know how it acts after doing that and verifying all the spark plug wires are in the right order. It should be 1, 3, 4, 2 in a clockwise rotation. Number 1 cylinder is in the front, 2 is right behind it…ha ha