Elmwood Jeep Celebration Event

Hey OSJ, this Saturday, check out the event at Elmwood Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in East Providence, RI. Going to have free food from Wes’ Rib House, Chicks that Rock will be washing Jeeps (come all Muddy) and live music from 94 WHJY. Weather looks like its going to be great.

94hjy.com/event_portal/view/ … tion=86400

Anyone interested in meeting up to convoy there???

I totally want to, it just depends on if I can get the gas tank put back in on time. Haha

Cody said he might go to

i’m thinking about going.

I might go with the kidos

Somebody bring the banner

Who has the banner?

Cody? Not sure where the other is. Ricky?

Just talked to Ricky, getting it from his house in the morning/afternoon

I’m going, leaving Jamestown at 11…
Feel free to call, text, fb, whatever if you want me
to try to meet up!

Texting you now kurt

How was it? Had a sick kid couldn’t make it

It was pretty weak. Maybe 5-7 non dealership jeeps there. 3 of them were osj. Kurt, Phil and myself. But it was a nice day for a drive and I won some p-bruins tickets so.

nice score

way to represent guys