electrician needed

I bought a new house and need some electrical help, anybody know someone or know enough to make a few bucks?

What do you need done and when are you looking to do it?

Just send him a pic of your circuit panel Derick, that will explain it all! :open_mouth: :laughing:

call ricky He isnt a fan of residential though

It will be cleaning up a bit of the mess I have going on. Running some wire for new lights and any other advised things. I don’t know much about electrical and don’t really like messing with it either. I am still in the process of demo but hope to be done early next month.

Derick, I’ve got a guy that does work for me. He’s not licensed, but he knows his shit and is very fair in price. Get back to me if you want his number.

I do all my own electrical , working on finishing our basement now. But if you want me to come and take a look when your ready I should have some time by then.

ya, i mean i can run wire if need be i just dont do the hook ups. and i dont touch anything in an electrical panel.

i guess first thing is to figure out what has to go and what can stay. i have a birds nest of wires and piping that i really want to stream line.