Eaton, Detroit Locker Install

Does anyone know a shop in RI or SE Mass that installs Eaton Detroit lockers and Eaton E-Lockers?

There is a guy in the Fitchburg Ma area but will only put in ARB or Ox. After a trip to Az most of the jeeps there were running the Eaton Detroit and E-Locker upfront.

2011, JK Unlimited, all stock for now.

That right there is so bizarre I would not trust the guy.

Bob Siwinski (formerly of Baystate Offroad) does gear setup out of his garage. I believe the going rate is $500 for labor per axle. You supply the parts. I can get you in touch with him if you want to go that route.

You might also contact WC Motorsports in Foxboro.

Good choice on the hardware. I’m running a Detroit in my rear axle and planning to trade in my front Tru-Trac for an E-Locker ASAP.

So what’s up? We going to see you on the trail this year?

How about Mitchell Differential in Shrewsbyry, MA? I think he a a Detroit/Eaton dealer as well.

robs auto in dudly mass dose them. he has done 2 for me and i am pleased with the work he gets alot less than 500 per axle also.

Thanks guys, all great info. I will be on the trail this year once I get some much needed upgrades and gear. Need to lift, tires, and some plates to protect me running gear. I had an 87’ that was unreal, then came the family. Starting fresh with the JK unlimited 4 door. She will get there all in due time.

Thanks again!

The Detroit is a great rear end. I would stick to the Detroit locker. It’s a little strange on the street, but once you get used to it pretty much indistructable.

I’ve had the Detroit locker in the back of my '08 JKU since July of '08. Put it in myself. Just make sure you order the correct one. You have to order the one for a TJ D-44 for the 3.21 and numerically lower. The JK uses a thick cut ring gear.

Tex, I think this is going in a 2011 JK.

Detroit doesn’t make one for the JK. Have to use the one I said before. I can look up the part number if needed. It’s whats in my JK too… so I know it fits.

I believe it’s DL187 SL 16 D - 30 spline D44 for 3.73 and numerically lower. The C is for numerically higher on the TJ 44s. The JK uses the same carrier on them all.