DYI Hiline TNT Tube Fenders

ok, so i decided that i wanted a little more room to stuff those 35, and to make room for bigger tires down the line.

i started with the drivers side, as it has less accessories to move and remount.

i started by removing all the accessories

heres the goal, to move the fenders up 3" to the next body line

next i removed the 6 bolts holding the fenders on


you’ll need to trim the weather striping by 3"… it just pulls off and you cut it with a razor knife

heres a test fit, with the only change to the fender was dilling a new hole 3" lower than the highest hole on the tube side


next i cut along the seam of the gusset and the flat stock to mounts to the grill and test fited again

still not close so i notched the tube and test fitted again and it fit good, to i clamped, tacked welded, and finish weled so this is what i got

trimmed the hood on the body line, and drilled new holes for the latches, which i mounted to high

hood line

this what she looks like now

35" tires, 3" lift full stuff, no rub

also i have 8.5" from tire to fender now

thats awesome man!

Nice work!

thanks! lol i installed press on door trim on the cut hood, to protect me from that sharp edge.

now i just have to do the drivers side lol

damn thats some good work

heres some more… from the passenger side

and more detail of how i cut and bent the fenders

heres what it looks like “stock”

and i cut here

then i used my rubber mallet to bend it apart

notched the tube

drilled the new lowered holes

bent it to shape and mounted

mounted a piece of flat stock to weld battery tray supports to

cut the hood

heres where the driver side ended up

all and all, im happier with how the drivers side came out… i’ll probably work on the passengers side at a later date to clean it up.

also i need to switch over to a battery with side posts, as my top post batter is really close to the hood now