drive shaft bolts??

Need the size of thread on the bolts that go through the yoke at tcase to drive shaft anyone can help me please let me know. Never have time to get to jeeps. Or ne driveshaft

grab a couple bolts and try 'em? maybe 3/8" or 5/16? or metric around there? i have a shaft in the shed, if i get time, i will try a couple

it looks like a 5/16" x 1 1/4", but not positive, don’t have time to check for sure.

5/16-24 X 1.25 grade 8 bolts i think

oh, there ya go lol

Thanks guys now can get it in ill let u know how it works out

So good news u guys were right on with the 5/16 x 24 and 1 1/4 … bad news found out driveshaft no good went to putt on and is binding up at the double u joint part… anyone got or know of a front drive shaft for a xj? Going to use on rear

Maybe just replace the u-joint? Or is it the center ball binding?

Jeff at Crown carries the Spicer rebuild kits for the cardan joint, as does Cockroft in EP.

i would go with Crown for replacement parts. i have a website bookmarked at work that has a parts list to replace any part of the driveshaft. i’ll post it tomorrow.