death wobble

My buddy seems to have an uncurable death wobble. Tried replacing track bar rotating tires and did back yard aligning. Any more tips out there. And we got new ball joints with tight tie rods

2# it is important that the bolt on the axel is the correct bolt and very very tight
3# steering shock must be good
4# if it’s lifted the angle of the trackbar and the draglink need to be the same plain to avoid bump steer
Start with this list

Caster angle. I can make DW come and go with a 2 degree change.

maybe dumb question…how is that you change caster angle when c’s are fixed…pinion angle?

i’ve dealt with DW for what feels like a lifetime. best way to find it is one person on the wheel shaking it back and forth and the second person check every bolt. keep a sharp eye and you will see it. if that doesnt find it. how are the tires? i have seen and done it ALL!!!

For us (leaf springs), you can shim (not the best idea) or you can re-set the perches. I have some wobble due to too much caster, But the hydro assist eats most of it up.

For coil spring folks, caster can be adjusted with adjustable control arms easily

so sorry, what i thought…but its the action of rotating the axle by however means you chose. caster is “pre determined” by the c’s on the axle. got it

camber is basically fixed (how much the tires pitch in) . it can change a bit with rotation but your caster would be thrown so far out of whack you couldnt drive

Camber is predetermined by the C’s but can be adjusted with offset ball joints. Caster is adjustable. For that matter, camber and caster are not independent. To see that this is true just imagine adjusting your caster by 180 degrees. You camber would be exactly the opposite.

Assuming everything is reasonably tight in the links play with the caster. I have often driven around with loose everything and have no DW problem if my caster is in the sweet spot.

so your saying too little caster will cause the wobble???

Yes caster in either direction will cause wobble
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Yes. Ever pushed a shopping cart with the wheel wobbling because it got bent? Same phenomenon.