Dana 35 Pinion Nut

Alright guys, as we all saw I was trying to follow everybody up that slick rock and broke the rear drive shaft. If i take the pinion nut and yoke off can I just put it back on and torque to say 165-185 ft/lbs. I definitely would rather not go through the whole rotating torque procedure. I heard all kinds of thing mark the nut and pinion, count the turns. If i’m not replacing anything but the yoke and what the best (i.e. easiest & safe) way ???

When we did mine last weekend, we took a marker and placed 4 tick marks on the nut and also on the bolt itself. Make sure they are not evenly spaced so you can match it back up. Then count the threads showing, mine had 4. Worst part of the whole thing is getting to pinion nut off, mine took a lot of struggling then we used an electric impact which did the job. Take off the yoke and while at it you should replace the pinion seal. Reverse installation and tighten until you reach the same thread count and the marks line up. I then went just a little past the marks and called it done.

x2 I did the same procedure when I replaced my rear yoke. so far so good.

Yes you can just take it off and re torque the nut to the proper Ft Lbs.There is a crush collar in between the 2 pinion bearings that is already been set.Unless your using a 500-600 Ft Lb impact gun you should be fine. But you can also count the threads showing just to double check that the crush collar doesn’t crush anymore.

Sweet… Thanks guys that’s pretty much what I figured from every thing I have been reading. Got the old one fixed so the plus side us ill be carrying an extra rear shaft.

just swap in a 44 :laughing:

i have an inch pound torque wrench if you want to check it out

:laughing: :laughing: