dana 30 High pinion 4.11

i thought i would pass this on. I found a High pinion dana 30 out of 95 4cyl xj yesterday at henry’s. Its got 4.11s. If someone wants it i would be happy to help you pull it/show you where it is. I would have pulled it myself but i didnt have all my tools with me. On my way out i asked how much and i was told $100. The diff is 100% rust/rot free. Wouldnt take me more than 15 mins to pull it with some help.

Shit I’ll take it for 100. Save me the trouble of regearing

Got it out today. Took me all of 4 hours. Sucked a bit because I got food poising last night so I was a hurt’n unit today. Just need some ball joints and ujoints and will swap it into the TJ. Baby steps…

That is most excellent!
Happy for you…

Food poisoning sucks, just have to get rid of all the toxins!

glad to hear you gott it. sorry i couldn’t help you still feel like crap. I was going to bring my sawzall and cut everything. suprisingly I used to take my torch set into henry’s because ray had an in with them and it made it super fast but the last time i brought them they said no and made me leave them in my truck.

Ya a sawzall would have dropped a couple hours off the pull time too bad I didn’t think to take one.