Dana 30 Detroit Truetrac

Got a lead on one from the shop that is fixing my throw out bearing. From what he told me it was only in the jeep for a month before the customer had a D44 installed. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll get you the info. This is for TJ XJ ZJ YJ applications and will not work with the JK D30

I could be interested in that. Any idea how much?

For reference, they run about $550 or so new. I have one in my front axle and its a great all around traction device. It would be good to know which gear ratios it works with.

its 3.73s and up

Could you find out how much he wants for it?

Ok just got a call from my buddy at the transmission shop. It’s ready to go he’s looking for 250 on it. Please let me know if you want it. I’ll be heading there this week to pick up a set of axle shafts and can grab the locker too. Please call or text me at 413-858-5800 thanks