D30 aussie locker acting up

I have a d-30 with and Aussie locker in it. After replacing both axle shafts in the past month, the locker now keeps engaging especially when turning right. I have ordered a new set of pins and springs just in case there is one broken. Does anyone have any suggestions before I start in on trying to repair this?

Calling Gene . . .

new springs will probably fix it for you

Turn left! :laughing:

Have you done the lock/unlock test?

No I have not, What test is that?

Just jack up the front end of the jeep.

This is directly taken from the manual:

This section assumes that your new Aussie Locker has been installed and that the complete differential
assembly is now in the vehicle with the tires installed.

  1. Put the transmission in gear and the transfer case in 4WD to lock the drive shaft. Tires must be installed
    to complete this test.
  2. Rotate one of the tires until it stops against the locked drive shaft. Hold it in position and maintain
    moderate pressure.
  3. Rotate the other tire in the opposite direction. It should unlock and spin, with the locker clicking as the
    tire rotates. Note that this sound will be less with the cover on and gear oil inside.
  4. Rotate the first tire in the opposite direction until it stops, and again maintain pressure.
  5. Rotate the second tire in the opposite direction from the first time. It should again unlock and spin with
    the clicking sound.
  6. Switch tires. Rotate and hold the second tire, and spin the first one in the opposite direction. Again switch
    directions. Both tires should rotate in both directions and the locker should click as they are doing so.
  7. If your installation passes this “spin” test, you are ready to finish up.

there is a video about it on my write up if you want