Cutting torch

I’m in the middle of an axle build and reached the point where I realize the mounting brackets on the front axle are too bony to work with. Does anybody have a torch that can help me cut them off? I’ll bring the axle to you. Thanks. -Eric

Don’t have torches, but I’ve got some pneumatic cutting tools if that helps. Let me know.

Thanks! What do they look like? Saw, grinder, shears? The problem is that there is not much room to work with. I was able to get the old brackets off the rear axle using a cut-off wheel on a small grinder but on the front axle the knuckles, pumpkin, and other brackets are in the way; I’d basically need to grind the entire brackets into dust to get them off.

Didn’t realize it was such a congested area. What i’ve got probably wouldn’t fit in there either. Sounds like torches are the way to go. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

i have an air saw that might work. its small and can get into tight areas pretty well. also have a cutoff wheel and a grinder. gimme a call