Custom Rear Bumper / DIY Build

I know I have talked to a couple of different people about this project of mine so I figured I would put together a design / build thread.

Started with full SolidWorks design. Bumper is made of 3/16" thick HRPO steel, Swing arm is 2x2 and 2x3 .120 wall steel. I am planning on using a couple of AtoZ Fab’s pre made components (wheel mount plate, spindle and swing arm latch).

All those little bits and pieces get turned into this:

Just add steel and 55,000 PSI of water and you get this:

I’ll be starting in on the welding tomorrow. I will throw some pictures up then.


pretty badass Brandon. i look forward to seeing this thing come together

Looks good! I have Solidworks at work too… Love it.

The things I would make for my Jeep if I had access to that program and water jet! Awesome can’t wait to see it finished.

Looks good. My father used to cut steel for me at the shipyard up in Bath, ME. They have water jets that can cut through 6" thick steel!!

Look forward to having one of these on the back of my JK

looking forward to seeing that on my Jeep. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Our machine limit is 8" thick titanium. It would take forever though. We have 6’x10’ bed and it is really efficient up to about 1" thick material.

Once I finish the prototype ill be making them for Matt and Gene. Anyone else need a rear for their JK? Pricing works out to around $600 comfortably but I can do them for OSJ members for $475-500. I’m also going to look at adding things like back up lights, Hi-lift mount, etc… If anyone has any ideas let me know.

xj bumpers im interested in lol…

Yes, please! :smiley:

Once I get through this build I am going to start looking at getting some dimensions for XJ’s and TJ’s and see if i can reconfigure them to fit. I’ll just need a vehicle to measure up the frame.

I should have the proto done this weekend. All goes well I’ll be ready to start on Gene’s. after that just let me know when you are ready.

Also, Got some initial welding done during lunch.

that’s pretty cool shit Brandon, looks awesome

don’t forgrt the YJ’s

That’s great! What size tire will it fit and can you add a skull to it? LOL

I can make it for any tire size. Just let me know what the biggest tire size you want to carry is. The design above is for a 37". I can definetly do a skull. Find something you like and send it to me.

I won’t. I’m just going to go with who wants one next.

That friggin’ waterjet machine is amazing - just watched a bunch of YouTube videos about it! (I know, I’m easily amused…squirrel !! :open_mouth: )

They don’t make donuts :laughing:

LMFAO! :laughing: (But think how nice and round they would be!)

Brandon, will you have any scrap pieces of the 3/16" plate? I need to patch a few rot spots on my frame

So how much would it cost to just have the stuff cut like either u provide the steall or we bring you a plate of steel and all u do is run it to be cut and we do all the welding