cub scout popcorn

this Sunday October 10th my son & I along with some other scouts from buttonwoods pack 7will be at the Warwick mall near the information booth from 11 till 1 (others till 5 ish) selling popcorn to go towards summer camp for the kids. We will also be selling at salks hardware on the corner of west shore rd & spring grove ave on Halloween (not sure as to the time).

Please be advised if you choose to come by that the popcorn is not cheep. but pack 7 will appreciate your purchase.

No one likes popcorn?

sorry Jeff, already sold my soul to some kid at Lowes

lol, its ok

UGH! I completely forgot!!!

I was going to head down that way to go to Trader Joe’s and was going to stop by for my popcorn, but plans changed. Sorry we missed it… (I never made it to Trader Joe’s either! - it’s a blonde thing!)

its ok alex amanda and i will be at salks hardware on west shore road on Halloween too

My son and fellow cub scouts from buttonwoods pack 7 will be @

Salk’s Ace Hardware & Marine
2524 W Shore Rd
Warwick, RI 02889

Tomorrow from 10 till around 2 selling popcorn to benefit cub pack 7 and the Boy Scouts of America

i will do my best to get there. how much ias the popcorn?

single package of micro $1
box of 18 is $20
caramel is $10
other flavors are $20