Crawling for a Cure: July 14th - CANCELLED

I’m sorry to announce that this event has been CANCELLED. The event organizers have promised to return next summer.

Our friends in Baystate Jeepsters will host Crawling For a Cure the weekend of July 14th in Southern NH. Everone is invited including members and the general public.

This event is a benefit to help breast cancer research so if your schedule is open that weekend then come on out to support a great cause and do some wheeling on the finest terrain around.


im deff in for this one

Where is it going to be at. It sound great

Check the link at the top of the flyer.

Last I knew the plan was to host the event out of the Shir Roy campground in Richmond, NH. This is the same location where we have our June camp-n-wheel.

I tried the link but under maitenace can non registered jeep buggys wheel?

I suspect the web site will be under perpetual maintenance. Probably better to check the Facebook page.

Some of the trails will be suitable for buggies. You will need a NH OVH sticker though.

doesnt that date coincide with raush creek

Rausch Creek is the following week. I think 18-20 or something like that.

The first post has been updated with event details.

do we need to preregister or can we register that day?

You need to pre-register. Although that can probably be done just a day or so in advance. Send a message to Jeff at the e-mail address listed on the flyer.

BTW, we will be running the same trails this coming weekend.

Eric… ok will do, yeah sadly i can’t make it this weekend, working ot for jeep parts…Bumper and tow hooks for the rear…cough cough…lol

I seriously doubt they would turn anybody away on the day of the event. Having said that, it looks like they are not telling anybody where the meeting spot is until you register.

I’m holding a cookout/party at my house on the same date so I can’t make it. Anyone not going are welcome to come and party. We are having BbQ, fire, drinking games etc…and the band will go on around 8pm and were inviting people to set up a tent and sleep off the adult beverages.

Due to logistical issues this event has been cancelled.

Looks like we’re going to Duffs :laughing:

I’m a maybe on headin to Duff’s, gotta see if I’ll have the kiddies or not

:laughing: I hope his wife is ready!!! It might be the last time we all go to Duff’s!

That’s what I was thinking . . .