CRAWL Reader's Ride North 2012

The Great American Jeep Rally and JonFund have worked together to get John and Ian from CRAWL magazine to come north.

Note that this trail ride is the day after the GAJR. For those not familiar with JonFunds property it located on the MA/NH border not far from Rt 2.

This is sure to be a sold out event!!!

I signed up. This is going to be a great chance to get your picture in a magazine.

Hurry, spots are going fast. Down to 30 of the 50 spots left when I registered.

P.S. The Barnes and Noble on Rt 2 in Warwick has CRAWL magazine on the shelf. I picked up a copy. By far the most tech-rich 4x4 rag out there.

I just signed up, now just have torepair my rear axle , sounds like a gravel crusher.

bent tubes will do that

yeah it will, just pulled rear cover, oil is clean NO METAL. just orered up a set of yukon alloy axle shafts with the c clip eliminator. also putting in a detroit loker. can not stand the noises that the lock right makes.

Wise choice!!!

thank you.

18 spots left and going fast . . .

If i had the time and money I would hit it up. The guys from Crawl Mag are pretty cool. Hung with them a few times down in Georgia and Alabama.

11 spots left . . .


I’ve got a ticket for a passenger in case anyone is interested in riding along.

I’m def interested eric. Let me know

CJ, Kurt already jump on board.

AJ, you got a passenger?

not sure yet, will not have deff. answer till saturday… what time & WHERE U WANT TO MEET UP SUNDAY? & my cell phone is back up & reciving text & voicemail again.

We can meet up somewhere off RT 146. I’m not even sure what time we need to be there. I got some message about meeting at a car dealership. Still need to digest the details. Not enough time right now.

We need to meet at a car dealership in Gardner at 9:00. Figure 1 1/2 hours to get there from RT 146 & Sayles Hill Rd in North Smithfield so lets target rolling out of the Sunoco station at 7:30.


Can I meet you at your house at 7am and leave my jeep at your house?

Thanks, Kurt

Sounds good.

No worries I need to fix my frame anyways