Convoy to GTD on Saturday

I think we have at least 3 threads where people have started discussing travel to GTD on Saturday. Lets consolidate the discussion to this thread.

Since most of the members traveling up Saturday are also volunteers the target arrival time should be about 8:00 am so that we can have a team meeting and get everyone stationed before the gates open at 9:00 am.

Travel time is about 1 hr and 10 minutes from North Smithfield to the venue. Following Matt’s rule that if you are not 15 minutes early then you are late I would recommend departing from the Wal-Mart in North Smithfield at 6:30 am. The map appears below. Post up here if you will be meeting at the Wal-Mart

1.) Matt S
2.) Josh
3.) Mike M
4.) Mike (from EG)
5.) JWO
6.) Craig
7.) Steve R (will be waiting on 146 up in MA)
8.) Aimee
9.) AJ



ill lead but ill be in my ss its awd if that counts lol…I have gps and will leave at 6:20 sharp so people should be there at 6 in my opinion…

I’ll be there in the am. See everyone there.

I am possibly in for this. Have a couple other people who want to convoy up so I will have to see if this works with them as well. Will know tomorrow. Hopefully there’s some other slow rigs because my Jeep likes to do the speed limit haha.

cool like I said im leaveing at 6:20 sharp …ill be in my white trailblazer ss just going to cruze the speed limit no worries

Put me on this list! Plus One volunteer and soon member!

eric what is the address I need it for my gps


7 Eddie Dowling Hwy, North Smithfield, RI

10 King St., Monson, MA

take exit 8 (Palmer, MA) off 90 West, if you go that route

Due to babysitter issues I’ll have to join everyone up at GTD after 9am.
Can I get the cliff notes version of the 8am meeting?

I’ll wait on the highway along the route, doesn’t make sense for me to drive down that way to come back up.

Just reviewing the schedule, where everybody is stationed, making sure the parking team understands the plan, making sure the trail team is familiar with lines on the trails, etc.

Count me in to caravan up. Speed is not my friend so I may start with everyone but only the Jeep gods know if I can keep up.

for those that cant make it there that early, set up a later time. we’ll need help through the day. when get there just find Eric or Matt or have Chis at the gate radio out to them and we’ll get you somewhere to help out; its going to be a long day and the early crew will need a lunch break at some point.

Chris, setup to meet a second convoy at 10 or 11. that group will get there just in time to make a second push at trail rides and selling raffle tickets.

Im leaving warwick at 6 so worst case ill meet up on the highway

Can do.
I can stop on by the same wal-mart for a second convoy. Are there others that are wanting a second convoy?
Say 10am, leave at 10:15.

Eric add Aimee to the list, she will be in a Blue Jeep Liberty.

Chris is the only one I know of arriving later. There are a few who have to leave the event early.

I will be there for 615-630

FYI - my GPS wanted me to get off the pike an exit earlier, which would put you going through Brimfield. DO NOT DO THIS! The Flea Market is going on - one of the Top 5 in the country if that’s any indication of the crap traffic through there. :slight_smile:

That’s why map reading is an important skill!!!